Genesis. Vision. Mission 


The Sunday School began together with the English Service in January 1968 for a small handful of students at the kindergarten and primary level. 


In 2018, we celebrated the Sunday School’s Golden Jubilee! Since the Sunday School’s humble inception, God has been faithful in engineering its growth.  Today, the Sunday School has grown into one of the largest ministries in GPC, with the heavy responsibility of sowing seeds in the hearts and minds of the young ones.  More than 250 students are enrolled in the Sunday School, from kindergarten right up to pre-university level.    


The Sunday School’s vision is “Students growing in Christlikeness” and its mission is to teach “our students to love Christ through the study of the Word, prayers and fellowship”. 


There are four key activities in the Sunday School to fulfil the mission and realise the vision: 

  • teaching the Word of God through purposeful lessons; 
  • touching lives through pastoral care; 
  • training lives through role modelling; and 
  • transforming lives through persistent prayer. 


D6 Curriculum 

Sunday School adopted the D6 Curriculum in Sep 2018, and it is based on the principles of Deuteronomy 6:5-9: 

  • Loving God; 
  • Loving His Word; and  
  • Teaching the children to do the same.   


The Sunday School is leveraging parents as the primary disciplers for their child/children, even as it updates its approaches to engage the changing profile of its students. 


Response To Covid-19 Pandemic   


Despite the pandemic which forced the closure of the Sunday School, the Sunday School continues to reach out to the students via various means, including zoom meetings.  Learning from the Word of God and fellowshipping with one another continued unabated.

Sunday School (9.30am - 11.00am)

1. Pre-Primary (4 sub levels : Nursery 1 & 2, Kindergarten 1 & 2)

Young children are being taught that the bible is God's Word and is true; and praying is the way to talk to God.

2. Primary (3 sub levels – Primary 1&2, Primary 3&4, Primary 5&6)

Children are assigned to classes at respective levels where Bible lessons are taught using the D6 curriculum. In addition, children participate in special programs such as Mission Month, Sunday School Day and Christmas program presentations; contributing their service unto our Lord.

3. Youth (ages 13 to 21)

Youth Sunday School begins at 9.30am in the Hosanna Hall in Pei Hwa Primary School (PHPS) building.

Using D6 curriculum, the youths are engaged through - sharing and debating to develop critical thinking skills and beliefs; and external speakers to share their life experiences.

SUNDAY SCHOOL DURING COVID-19 where physical classes are suspended


1. Pre Primary

Lessons are available on PowerPoint presentation with worksheets. Young children can continue with the curriculum with guidance from their parents.


2. Primary

Lessons are conducted using Zoom and parents are encouraged to participate with their children during Zoom lessons.


3. Youth

The classes meet after online worship service via the video Zoom. 

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