We have been talking about what does it mean to be missional in the past four weeks. This is the last day of 2023, let’s remind one another to focus on what we are called to be as His missional church.

As we are trying to improve our church structure and upgrade our facilities, this is important, but I think it's imperative to shift our focus from the mere scaffolding to the rich content that fills its framework.



Read and act by purchasing solar lights to bring light to the lives of those living without electricity. Consider this alarming fact: "16 percent of the world’s population is still living without electricity." *




With heartfelt gratitude, my first English book was published! This book contains life stories of how elderly come to faith and why they were baptised after the age of 60. What are the social and cultural barriers they must overcome to come to faith? What role can we play to connect them to Christ?  


Every elderly person has a story to tell, listening how their story turned into a faith story, and then into a missional story is an enriching journey. As I listened and as I wrote and shared, I was humbled to see how God transformed lives in our least expected ways. God is amazing. It is a rich journey to experience how God connects lives and builds relationships as we listen. Listening to their stories is another posture of being missional. My life was stretched to contain the uncontainable abundance of life when I was called to serve the elderly. How did it happen?



Last week, I wrote about Jesus as the first missionary in Christian history. As His disciples, adopting a missional lifestyle should be ingrained in our DNA. This might manifest in acts of hospitality, stepping out of our routines to share about Jesus, praying for people near and far, and dedicating time to listen to those with stories to tell (I will elaborate more about this next week) - these actions epitomize what it means to be missional. Whether through hospitality, visits, or attentive listening, the essence of being missional lies in establishing relationships for the sake of God's kingdom.



Missional God, missional disciple, and missional church.


I have written and talked quite a bit about these ideas. If you remember, I wrote about this in June. I shared in the SAFE Batam mission retreat first, and then in our Church planning day, Sunday School Conference, and CG leader’s retreat.

I hope the term "missional" won't be misconstrued. Being missional extends beyond sending mission teams abroad; it involves integrating the missional concept into our Christian lives. Over time, we come to recognize that being missional is ingrained in our DNA, mirroring our Creator-God's nature. After all, He sent Jesus from heaven with a mission to save us. Our God is a missional God.



It’s the school holiday season for our young ones. How are the parents in our midst spending time with them?

I was recently asked to share with fellow fathers who were participating in a Father-and-Son Boys’ Brigade Camp for our 57th Company in Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. I started off by sharing that I am in no way the most qualified or experienced father in the room, and I certainly do not claim to have the strongest bond with my children. Our diverse family circumstances shape the ways in which we navigate this rewarding journey of fatherhood.