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Wednesday Nights in April and May 2021

CWBS Webinar - Current Global Events and Bible Prophecy

Since the start of the year 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has turned the world into crisis mode - with nationwide lockdowns, closing of national borders, business closures, massive unemployment etc. At the same time, we hear of worldwide floods and adverse weather conditions as well as locust plagues sweeping Africa and Central Asia.



This Webinar talk is the capstone in understanding the relevance of Bible End Times prophecies to our world today. It is designed for both Christians wanting to be prepared for the End Times and seekers trying to make sense of the turbulence and turmoil happening around us.


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23 APRIL - 24 APRIL 2021

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer chain:

23 April 2021 6pm - 24 April 2021 4pm


Congregational prayer:

24 April 2021 4pm - 5.15pm