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Sunday 4 July 2021


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been a topic that is widely debated due to the differing views in our communities. This talk will seek to address the following questions: Is it true that TCM has theological origins? Does practicing or seeking TCM go against the Bible?  Can one be fully Chinese and fully Christian?

Hear from Edward Ho, a fellow GPC member currently working at Nanyang Polytechnic.
He is a licensed TCM Physician volunteering at Chung Hwa Medical Institution on Saturdays.



7 July 2021 - 3 Nov 2021



Transformed lives through the Word of God… Be part of a community for bible study, prayer and fellowship. Join us as we study the books of 1 & 2 Peter


Using the Community Bible Study International (CBSI) framework and materials, the study will be over 14 sessions, commencing from 7 Jul to 3 Nov 2021. Weekly classes on Wednesdays, 9am (Day) or 7.55pm (Night). For registration or inquiries, please write to the email below. All are welcome.

Care Group Ministry - CG Open House


Friday 2 July 2021 – Sunday 25 July 2021



A CG is a small group of Christians meeting together for the purpose of caring for one another in the body of Christ. The caring for one another is built upon prayer, study of the Word, serving and evangelizing together. Many members have benefitted from being part of a CG and hope to share this joy with you.

This July, more than 20 CGs are opening up to welcome visitors. Worshippers or newcomers who have yet to join a CG, let us welcome you to experience CG life. Come, sign up and be part of our families during our CG Open House – we would love to have you!  Click here to view the CG page.