The Precept Bible Study is an in-depth study of God’s Word using materials provided by Precept Ministries International.

At Precept, we employ the inductive study method to:

  • Look at what Scripture says - Observation
  • Understand what Scripture means - Interpretation
  • Apply Scripture to our lives - Application

The goal is to help the people grow in their relationship with God by allowing each person to discover God’s truth for themselves, but not by themselves.

Since its inception at GPC in 2007, many have been tremendously blessed by the fellowship and study of God’s Word.  Currently, we have about 70 regular members.

Each session is first facilitated by discussion leaders, and then followed by a video lectures by Kay Arthur or David Arthur. The book that we are delving into for these two year

(2020 – 2021) is Genesis (Parts 1-5). Please come and join us!

When: Saturdays 9:15 ~ 11:30 am       

Where: Chapel level 4 *

*Due to the safety measures during the current Covid-19 situation, our discussion sessions are conducted via Zoom.

For enquiries, please contact