Mission In Our Midst (2): Tammy Tsang



Tammy serves in the AV team and as a coach for the youths. I discovered her love for Mongolia when we served together on the Mongolia Mission Booth during last year’s Mission Month. In May, she made a trip to visit this country.


Pr Jeremy (PJ): Why did you choose to go to Mongolia for your holiday?

Tammy (Tam): I chose to go to Mongolia because 3 years ago I went there with my University’s Christian fellowship for a one-month short term mission trip; since then my Singaporean friends and I have developed friendships with the people there and grown to care for the country. I promised my Mongolian friends that 3 years later I would go back to visit them. So in 2022, since it’s been 3 years, I decided to go back to Mongolia to visit my friends and see what God has to show me.


PJ: What was your highlight for the time you spent there?

(Tam): During my trip 3 years ago, I made friends with a Mongolian Christian, her name is Tumee. We don’t speak the same language but surprisingly we became good friends. I wanted to visit her but she didn’t live in the capital. She was living in a province far away, so I didn’t think I could meet her this trip. But to my surprise, she came to the capital to see me and we had good conversations about our lives and God (with some help from our translator, a Singaporean missionary friend).


PJ: What did you learn about God’s heart for the unreached?

Tam: I learnt that every country has its issues and every country is broken, but God has called everyone to their own areas of service, be it in Mongolia or in Singapore, and through these areas of service God is working to bring more people to Himself.


Tammy puts fun in the things she does, and can pull a (harmless) prank on you with a straight face. But she is serious about God.


“But how are they to call on him in whom they have not believed?

And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?

And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

And how are they to preach unless they are sent?”

(Romans 10:14-15)