GPConnect Ministry was launched on 5 June. We are now in the second quarter. This is a new ministry, a “Covid-19 baby.”

On 16 May, our Thursday visitation team was forced to standstill due to the re-tightening of the safety measures to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Since we cannot visit physically, we decided to make telephone “visits” to those we have been visiting instead. And then, someone suggested, we should be calling the whole church! Every member needs to be connected! We are one family in Christ, but we are drifting further and further apart due to the pandemic. Miraculously, God called 54 brothers and sisters to be our first connectors; and currently, we have 59.

For the past 3 months, our Connectors have encountered unique and interesting experiences as we started calling our members. Most connectees are very surprised when they received our calls; the majority of connectees responded very positively although there were some who gave not so cheerful replies.

One said, “I have been a member of GPC for ages, this is the first time I receive a hello call…”and then the conversation continued with sharing of stories and prayers.

Another said, “Why are you calling me?” Sounded very suspicious, perhaps, there are too many scams these days. As the connector tried to explain and connect, sometimes, the call would still ended like:- “Thanks for calling; I am doing ok, you don’t have to call me, call those who need to be called….”

Some connectors encountered worse experiences - they were repeatedly ignored even when they texted the connectees over and over again to arrange for the most convenient time to call.  

I am very thankful that our connectors are not discouraged, and this is because they all understand that they are ambassadors of Christ when they reach out to our members. One of the connectors told me that this ministry helped her to step out of her comfort zone. She admitted that she is an introvert, talking to someone whom she did not know took a lot of courage. 

Some of our connectors feel inadequate for the task, but they are reminded that they are called by God and we believe that when God calls, God equips. Nevertheless, as a pastor, I am also responsible for the equipping of the connector. We equip as we serve.

We gather every Thursday for Worship, for the Word and the Work. One of our connectors will choose a song and lead us in worship, and then Pr Jeremy will share the Word. As for the Work, I will invite brothers and sisters with different gifts to sharpen our skills as a connector. During this time, we also share, and encourage and pray for each other.  We then proceed to call our connectees together, all within that hour. This is an online gathering, and we aim to keep things short and sweet in every segment. I pray that this one hour is useful and meaningful and every connector will be encouraged and look forward to the next meeting with anticipation, not only for the programs but because there is love among us.

God is love, and whoever abides in love, abides in God and God abides in him. (1John4: 16) We are Jesus’ ambassadors of love. It is this love that moves us to connect and keep connecting.

May the love of God fill GPC and overflow into our community and the world.