My Dear Glory Family

By Pr Evangeline Cheong


Dear Glory Family,

I’m thankful for all your prayers and support as I took the last 7 months off for a time of resting and renewal. You may have wondered what I’ve been up to. To answer some common questions that you may or may not have…

1. Yes, I am okay and feel much better.

2. Yes, I spent some time in Korea.

3. No, I did not get any plastic surgery. I still look the way God made me.

4. No, I did not become a kpop idol. Still cannot sing or dance.

5. No, I did not find an oppa there.

6. Yes, I got to spend time with family and friends.

7. Yes, God did give me the rest and renewal I needed.


But if you were to probe a bit more, I will tell you that…

1. I realised the joy of making new friends and rekindling old friendships when I attended an international church in Korea and a local congregation in Chua Chu Kang.

2. I learnt that old memories are precious as I spent time with family, and I have also enjoyed making new memories with them as well.

3. I found new joy in reading the Psalms and the discovery of the immense depth and range of human emotions displayed there for our reading, learning and comfort.

4. I discovered that the sound of waves can calm a restless heart, and a deep peace can be found by being still in God’s presence in the beautiful world He has made. 

5. I am starting to comprehend (and am still reminded again and again) that God is truly love and loves me with a steadfast love.


So please feel free to approach me to talk about any of these. And I do want to hear what God has shown you about Himself in the last 7 months as well. I am truly thankful and excited to be back at Glory to worship, live, grow and serve again with you all.