Mission In Our Midst (1): Seow Hui Ting



          You may not notice her as she scurries between the church office and Sunday School classrooms each week with all kinds of supplies for the teachers and students. Unbeknown to many, she ministers to the Thai workers confined to their dormitories during the Covid pandemic. She is also the quiet and faithful person behind the information and prayer items for a different country each Sunday found in our bulletin. But talk to her and there is one thing about her that you can’t possibly miss - her signature hearty laughter.


Pr Jeremy (PJ): Hui Ting, why do you have a special interest in Thailand?

Hui Ting (HT): I decided to go on the GPC Thailand mission trip after my first mission trip to Cambodia and I've never stopped since then (with the exception of covid period). I was drawn to Thailand because of the people I met on the mission trips there, particularly the Thai Christians. I saw deep joy in them when they worshipped and served God. I saw fire, passion and they loved God and loved their people. As I got to know Thai people over the years, I enjoy talking to them. Can't really put a finger on why this "special interest," but whenever Thailand, Thai people, Thai food, etc. get mentioned, I get very excited.


PJ: What have you been doing to nurture this interest while in Singapore?

HT: Thankful that I got the opportunity to learn Thai in Singapore as it has helped me go beyond surface conversations during mission trips. I also had the opportunity to join and serve alongside Santiphap Church for a few years to reach out to the Thai foreign workers in Singapore. (NOTE: Santiphap Church is one of GPC’s missions partners and meets in the church premise).


PJ: What have you learnt about God’s heart for the unreached?

HT: That He cares deeply for the Thai people too and wants them to be saved. He wants us to do the same.


Hui Ting is preparing to serve for a year with OMF in Thailand among the urban poor. She is likely to embark on this new journey come September.


“Do you not say, 'There are yet four months, then comes the harvest'?

Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.”

(John 4:35)